208 Homes For Sale in Woodland Hills, CA

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In the southwestern area of the San Fernando Valley lies Woodland Hills, a beautiful upscale community in Los Angeles. Throughout the area are large mansions with a beautiful southern style of architecture. Most of the homes have custom architecture and design due to the history and affluent nature of the area. This area has a fresh, natural appeal. Beautifully landscaped homes are located next to Woodland Hills Country Club, where there is easy access to the club.

Although there are hot summers, Woodland Hills has moderate winters characteristic of California that make this area perfect for those who do not like the cold. The southern portion of the area offers some homes that lie on the foothills of the scenic Santa Monica Mountains. In a little more than 20 minutes, you can travel to beach and see the beautiful Pacific Ocean. If you love ocean getaways like Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey, you are only about 45 minutes from an easy vacation. This community was designed to be a getaway for California’s elite from Hollywood, professional sports, and top government officials. As such, it has also been one of the choice areas where Hollywood stars retire.

The Woodland Hills area providers a perfect blend of seclusion from the big city of Los Angeles and easy access to great recreation and shopping areas. Woodland hills is within about a 20 minute drive of hiking and outdoor recreation areas like Topanga State Park, Malibu Creek State Park, and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. These parks offer beaches, campsites, visitor centers, and miles of hiking trails. For young families, there are multiple recreation and park areas including Warner Center Park, Alizondo Drive Park and Serrania Park. These diverse parks provide children’s play areas, picnic tables, and a beautiful natural ambience. To meet the needs of the population, Woodland Hills provides ample shopping options. There are small boutique shops to get those one-of-a-kind custom items. In addition, the Woodland Hills Mall offers a wide array of conventional shopping options. Similar to other cities in California, this community has a wide array of restaurants from fine dining to authentic Mexican food. The schooling system offers a host of options in primary and secondary education, including public schools, charter schools, and a lot of private schools. Woodland Hills is an upscale community with great access to the beach, nature, and recreation.