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Windermere, Florida, is a small town in Orange County, the home of Disneyworld. With the motto "among the lakes," it is no surprise that it boasts an array of housing designed for those whose lifestyle demands access to or a scenic look at a watery environment. Listings run to the high end and regularly rank with America’s most expensive. An 8-bedroom lakeside home with arches and travertine floors is not an unusual offering. It is a good time to buy in the area, as home price values continue to increase-better than 14 percent in recent years.

Windermere is a white-collar enclave filled with professionals. Two-thirds of the residents hold a BA or better. Children thrive here, thanks to their numbers and the social interconnections that develop with families in which education and accomplishment are respected. Based on state-sponsored testing, the town’s schools rated nine out of a possible 10. Single-family homes are commonplace, leading to stable neighborhoods. Telecommuting makes many parents available throughout the day. The town’s ambience is quiet. Local tours and expeditions focus on a bald eagle swooping down to grab a fish, an egret striding the water and a little bass fishing. Other wildlife skirts the waters by the finest homes of the rich and famous. For the more active, water skiing and the Windermere Country Club golf course are available.

Located on an isthmus adjacent to Orlando, Windermere is far from a new development. It was established in 1889 and chartered in 1925. It has benefitted from the extensive growth and expansion of the area that began when Disney quietly bought up more than 27,000 acres of farmland in the mid-60s. By now, employment opportunities have moved well beyond tourism to military and private high-tech projects. Nearby employers include IBM, Veritas and General Dynamics. Service businesses have also found Windermere’s Orlando-Kissimmee Metro area attractive. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Hard Rock Café opened main offices there. Consider Windermere the eye in the hurricane of tourism flooding the area. The Disney and Universal attractions, SeaWorld, and others offer a vast spectrum of entertainment facilities and teeming masses of starry-eyed children clutching their souvenirs. Windermere itself has no grand attractions because all are close, with some in sight, like the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks display. Windermere is the perfect location for those who want upscale living with a family focus. Browse our selection of homes for sale in the Windermere area and filter the listings to find your perfect property.