25 Condos For Sale in Wilmington, DE

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Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware. It is located at the confluence of the Christina River and Brandywine Creek, and was built on the first Swedish settlement in North America. Most of what’s available here are one and two bedroom apartments, though there are some two and three bedroom homes. All of these places occupy a price range from modest to moderate. Units that are less than $50 a square foot won’t be available for long!

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Wilmington, whether you are interested in a more modern place or an older property rich in history. North of the Brandywine River are such neighborhoods as Brandywine Hills, which was started in the 30’s. All the streets in the neighborhood are named for famous American and English authors, including Byron, Emerson, and Hawthorne. Other properties up in this area include Harlan, Eastlake, Ninth Ward, and Riverside, a housing development in the northeastern corner of the city that was built in 1959. East of I-95 you’ll find Quaker Hill, a neighborhood that surround the historical Quaker Friends Meeting House, a place that keeps the community closely tied to its historical roots in the Quaker faith. Around here you’ll also find Riverfront, a former hub of manufacturing that has since the 90’s enjoyed boosts from urban renewal and gentrification projects.

Wilmington is the most populous and readily accessible city in Delaware. A huge contributor to the city’s status as a major economic hub is the Wilmington station, a major railroad station that serves nine Amtrak trains in addition to several other commuter trains and local and intercity buses. The city is also a major financial center for the credit card industry. Bank of America, Chase Card Services, and Capital One 360 are all headquartered in Wilmington. Other major employers in the area include the State of Delaware, Christiana Care Health System, and DuPont.