137 Homes For Sale in Williamstown, NJ

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Located only 23 miles from Philadelphia, Williamstown, NJ, has the historic charm and charisma many home buyers seek. Choose from an assortment of beautiful single-family homes; some with old-fashioned characteristics that add to the antiquity of an older generation and other newer homes that feature high quality appliances, modern upgrades and wood floors. You won’t be disappointed with the sizable yards in Williamstown either. They are broad and spacious with plenty of room for the children, the cat and the dog to explore.

Originally founded in 1737 under the name Squankum, Williamstown changed its name in the early 18th century when the town’s first post office was established. The town still carries the charisma of an older time. The streets are lined with mature trees that lead shoppers into vintage antique stores where you can find an assortment of historic treasures. If antiquing doesn’t pique your interest, Williamstown offers residents a challenging round of golf at the Scotland Run Golf Course, or perhaps you’d prefer a stroll through the picturesque Hospitality Creek. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the area specifically for the 30 acre lake, camping and the Olympic size swimming pool. It’s the perfect place to spend a peaceful summer afternoon in New Jersey.

While many families frequent Williamstown for its affordability (median home values are under $200,000), the area is also popular with commuters to Philadelphia and senior citizens who enjoy the wide assortment of activities available to them. With over 20,000 people living in Williamstown, it still feels like a small town. You can’t beat the friendly atmosphere floating through the neighborhoods or the charm of downtown shops that have been in the family for generations. Many of the families in Williamstown have been here for decades, and it’s the kind of community where everyone knows everyone and can lend a helping hand. People have been flocking to the area to be a part of a community with strong social ties and it shows in the population censuses. Since 1970, almost every ten-year census has seen double digit increases in the population density of Williamstown. Home builders have kept up with the high demand by renovating some of the older homes in town, and building new neighborhoods that feature large yards and modern layouts. There’s something for every home buyer in Williamstown. Check out the wide abundance of homes available and find the perfect one to meet all your needs.