150 Homes For Sale in Wildomar, CA

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Wildomar, California, has been growing rapidly since its creation in 2008, and it is now home to an estimated 34,000 people within its 23 square miles. Recent job growth in the area has contributed to Wildomar’s rapid population growth, although the city’s mild climate, with hot summers and mild, warm winters have also helped bring individuals to the area.

Wildomar is a fairly affordable area in which to live, and although the cost of living is higher than other similarly sized cities in the US, it is far more affordable than other comparable areas located within California. Wildomar is sectioned into about 8 neighborhood areas, which are divided and organized by the streets that border them. The areas closest to the city center contain some of the most expensive suburban homes in the area, while homes on the outer edges of town are somewhat more affordable. Wildomar is an economically diverse as well as racially and ethnically diverse area, which makes for unique neighborhoods and communities with close-knit residents who care about each other and participate in community events and gatherings.

The crime rate in Wildomar is much lower than the average crime rate throughout much of California, which makes this area highly desirable for families or for individuals who are looking to relocate to a safer and more secure city. Lake Elsinore is located just outside Wildomar, and is a popular attraction year-round for residents and tourists for swimming, fishing, and boating, as well as hiking, biking, and walking in the adjacent Santa Ana Mountains. The close proximity to Los Angeles (about 82 miles) and San Diego (70 miles) also makes Wildomar very appealing for residents, and the ocean is less than an hour’s drive away. If you’ve been looking for your own southern California dream home, browse our listings for Wildomar, California, to find the perfect place for you today.