192 Homes For Sale in Warner Robins, GA

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A growing town in Georgia, Warner Robins has experienced a population increase of 36% since 2000 to 2010. The city is part of the larger Macon-Waren Robins Combined Statistical Area and is home to around 35 square miles of land and many large and refined houses available for sale. Houses in this area tend to be of a lower cost and of a newer building date, providing all the luxury of a comfortable and inhabitable home for less of the financial sacrifice.

In 2009 Warner Robins was named the best place in Georgia in which to raise a family by Business Week magazine, and this title was renewed in 2010. The Warner Robins Area Chamber was additionally named one of the top three chambers of commerce in its division in 2009, and in 2012 CNN Money magazine called Warner Robins the seventh best place to live for America's smaller cities. Needless to say, the small town has garnered a serious amount of attention from big names in recent years, and it is no surprise to see that the population has seen an increase. The humid subtropical climate of Warner Robins is another pull factor for new residents, experiencing hot, humid summers with mild winters and rare snowfall. The tornado activity in the area is, however, slightly higher than the Georgia state average.

The Robins Air Force Base is a huge cultural and economic base of operations in Warner Robins. It is one of the largest employers in the state of Georgia and directly provides over 25,000 jobs to the local economy. The entire Middle Georgia community has statistically benefited from the activity of the air force base. The city of Warner Robins even has an official motto related to the air force base, which is the acronym EDIMGIAFAD. Dr. Dan Callahan coined this phrase, which stands for Every Day in Middle Georgia Is Armed Forces Appreciate Day. Warner Robins is also famous for its Museum of Aviation which is located next to the air force base. It is the second largest aviation museum in the country, containing a multitude of warfare exhibits. The town further has a baseball and softball culture, with residents claiming that tee-ball was invented there. Warner Robins may have begun as a small town in Georgia, but today it represents a place of colossal opportunity and satisfaction for its residents, recognized, even, by national magazines.