85 Homes For Sale in Valrico, FL

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Valrico, Florida, is located about 15 miles east of Tampa. It is a charming census-designated place with a rich history. When you start looking for homes in the area, you will come to realize that there are plenty around. The homes vary in almost every way. There are a variety of styles and sizes as well as various amounts of land. Some houses come with fenced in backyards while others a sprawling yard that gets privacy from the trees around it.

Valrico is home to about 35,000 people. It started off as a region full of cotton Plantations back in the 1800s. When the railroad came through, it brought new trades and community members. As time passed, Valrico transformed for a cotton plantation into a vibrant suburb of Tampa. Just as Valrico is rich in history, it is also rich in modern amenities. You can enjoy high quality food at local restaurants, find one of a kind clothing and wares at shops and be entertained all in the heart of Valrico. Valrico is also home to a couple of world class golf courses, so if you’re looking for a place to tee off, you may have found it. During fair season, Valrico livens up because it is home to the Hillsborough County Fair. With its great schools, historic downtown, beautiful homes and fabulous restaurants, it is no surprise that Valrico is such a great place to live.

Walking around downtown Valrico, you’ll realize just how close you are to so many great opportunities. You can take a short drive and be in the heart of Tampa where you can go to museums, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, shopping centers and so much more. You have all that Valrico has to offer plus what Tampa can add to the mix. Valrico is a great place for young families or those nearing retirement. Valrico is a great place for anyone no matter where they are in life. If you’re looking for a community that has a lot to offer on its own, but can also offer what only big cities can, then you should start looking at Valrico, Florida. The great news is that you don’t have to wait to start the home search. You can instead browse through the list of homes available in Valrico. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, there is plenty to get you started. If you do know what you want, you can use the filter tool to make finding it easier.