121 Homes For Sale in Upland, CA

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Upland is a Californian city in San Bernardino County located at an elevation of over 1,200 feet. The city is part of what is called the Inland Empire, which is the metropolitan area situated east of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Upland resides at the foot of the highest part of the San Gabriel Mountains, nestled comfortably against its rocky surfaces. Homes and neighborhoods are lavish and expensive in equal parts, given their prime location in being snuggled with the nearby breathtaking mountain range.

Upland was first and foremost an irrigation colony, founded as a small rural town based on the agriculture of citrus fruits and grapes. It was incorporated in 1906 after being previously named North Ontario. Today, the city is a beautiful destination for tourists and residents alike. Upland houses the Cable Airport, which is the world's largest family-owned and public use general aviation airport. The city is also served by the Metrolink commuter rail system on the San Bernardino Line, which runs from the Los Angeles Union Station to San Bernardino. California Highway 83 and 66 are also nearby, as well as Interstate 10 and 210. Traveling to and from Upland is easy with the convenience of public transportation as well as streamlined major roads, making it a commuter destination for those avoiding the Los Angeles lifestyle but desiring Los Angeles jobs.

The Californian city is also home to a great deal of culture and activities. Upland is famous for its rich skateboarding culture, particularly concerning vertical skateboarding. The city is known as Badlands in skateboarding lingo because of its geographical location. Museums such as the Upland Fire Department Museum and the Cooper Regional History Museum offer visitors a look at the history of the town and interesting facts regarding that history. Upland features The Grove Theater in its historical downtown area, which was originally built in 1947. A festival held annually in April unites the community and tourists alike, and it, too, is located in downtown Upland .This festival is called the Upland Lemon Festival and it celebrates the city's citrus industry with food competitions, singing contests, and carnival rides. The city is family friendly and hosts a large number of public education schools as well as private ones. Whether you are in Upland to visit the famed historic downtown and its scenic views or you're there to stay, Upland offers a little something for everyone.