229 Homes For Sale in Torrance, CA

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Homes in Torrance, California, run the gamut from straightforward single-family dwellings to the more palatial digs one might expect when Hollywood’s not far away. Both up-and-comers and those who have fully arrived can take advantage of the city’s amenities. The market offers everything from manufactured homes to bona fide mansions near great green spaces and remarkable stretches of coastline. With variety like this, there is a high likelihood of finding a place you love in a great location

Torrance boasts a mile and a half of coastline, making much of it adjacent to the beach. However, it does not have the glut of tourists more commonly found in Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach. With mild weather year-round and light rainfall, life is less about battling the elements and more about enjoying it to the fullest. The roughly 150,000 people who call Torrance home have made it a city dedicated to development. Tech and auto industry jobs and substantial shopping mean employment for every collar shade out there; it is also an excellent incubator for startups. Crime rates are notably low, and the city prides itself on a dedication to green spaces, boasting 30 city parks and thousands of trees.

According to census data, a culturally diverse range of people call the city home. Torrance is known for having the highest concentration of ethnic Japanese residents of any U.S. city after Honolulu. There are Japanese grocery stores, restaurants and many cultural attractions that further enrich the quality of life here. In the spirit of aloha, the city is home to King’s Hawaiian’s largest stateside bakery. Every city has its legendary figures and claims to fame, and Torrance is no different. The local airport has been renamed after local track star and World War II hero Louis Zamperini; the subject of Laura Hillenbrand’s bestseller Unbroken graduated from Torrance High. Just 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles, Torrance offers a laid-back lifestyle with easy access to the big city by bus and train. There’s plenty to see and do closer to home, though. The city is heavily invested in the cultural arts, with a local ballet company, symphony and conservatory, and an ongoing roster of events. These factors all contribute to Torrance consistently being ranked among the safest cities in Los Angeles County - just one more point in favor of calling it home.