106 Homes For Sale in Tarzana, CA

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Source: tarzana.ca Few people know that Tarzana is one of the oldest communities in the Valley. In 1769 when Gaspar de Portola became the first white man to visit the Valley, the Tarzana area was the second community he passed through. A Mexican established a row crop farm on the site of the present day Las (or Los) Encino's Historical Park, next to the still running hot spring in or around 1789. He built the first non-Indian structure in the Valley made from limestone from the nearby hills, which should still exist, although heavily damaged during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. The structure had been returned to near original condition, except with earthquake reinforcing and was being used as a demonstration blacksmith shop up until the earthquake. The Mexican later became Major of Los Angeles, on or around 1800.