127 Homes For Sale in Sun City Center, FL

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Sun City Center, Florida is a retirement community established between Tampa and Sarasota. The homes for sale in the area are all fairly similar in price, ranging from the upper $100,000s to the lower $200,000s. The houses are all rather modern in style with ample garage space, and include beautiful single-story easy-to-access homes or stately multi-story homes, each with its own unique statement. There is also a wide assortment of duplexes, townhouses and apartments for those who are seeking a home on a budget.

This town is an age-restricted community, and only accepts residents who are over the age of 55. Because of this, the area has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for those looking to spend their golden years in a stress-free manner. Because of Sun City Center, Florida’s year-round warm climate, outdoor activities are available for residents all year long, eliminating any chance of boredom or cabin fever during the winter months. Safety is also a top concern in this community, and all residents are treated to Lifeline alert systems as well as a regular security patrol around the neighborhoods. When and if an accident does happen to occur despite the many precautions put in place, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is available to assist residents until the arrival of firemen, police or medical professionals.

The number of amenities located throughout Sun City Center, Florida is astounding. Over twenty golf courses are available to the public, including the Caloosa Golf and Country Club and the SCC Women’s Golf Association. Other outdoor activities include archery, hiking, tennis and much more. There are several craft shops for those who are more artistically inclined, as well as various art clubs, ceramics classes, needlepoint groups, and even a club for those who enjoy building model railroads. If you have a hobby, there is a high probability that this community will have a club or some sort of organization in which you may connect with others with the same interests and find your niche. All of these activities are easily accessible, thanks to the permission to drive golf carts on the roads during daylight hours, and the resulting accommodations of these modes of transport at many of the local shops and Destinations. With the dozens of readily available activities and easy transport, this community provides the perfect place for a life of unwinding and enjoying each and every sunset.