1,144 Homes For Sale in Summerville, SC

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For small town appeal, modern amenities and old southern charm, you’ll love the South Carolina town of Summerville. The Summerville real estate market offers a wide range of homes-from historic to modern-in various price ranges, making it possible to find the perfect home with nearly any budget. The town of roughly 33,000 people has been known as an affordable housing market and among the best cities in South Carolina to quickly sell a home. With Summerville’s thriving community life, it’s easy to see why people want to live in this Southern town.

Located about 25 miles north of the state’s second largest city of Charleston, Summersville attracts those who desire living in a town rich in history and landscape. In fact, the city has more than 700 buildings listed on the National Historic Register. Another notable historic feature of the town is its accessibility to several historic plantations. Summerville proudly bears the nickname as the "Flower Town in the Pines" for its blossoming azalea flowers in the public gardens and throughout the city during the spring. The scent from the pine forest ridge in this inland city attracted South Carolina residents in the 1800’s, and the beauty of the rich green landscape continues to appeal to residents and visitors in present day.

Summerville is the birthplace of sweet tea, and that sweetness has permeated throughout the city as a way of life. Summerville residents take pride in showing southern hospitality through their daily activities like shopping or participating in city events. The historic downtown is among the favorite features of the area for visitors and residents alike. The beautiful public parks, open spaces and playgrounds make Summerville perfect for those who enjoy outdoor recreation activities. Another favorite city amenity is the weekly Farmers’ Market that offers local foods and live music. But what the city is known for most of all is the annual Flowertown Festival. Held in the spring, the three-day event is a celebration of the passing of winter and the transformation of the floral landscape. The event draws nearly 200,000 visitors, a figure that’s more than double the number of residents in this Southern town. It’s easy to see why: the event is packed with activities for everyone to enjoy, including live musical performances, a children’s’ festival, local artists and crafters vendor booths and a marketplace of the local foods. As a historic small town appeal that blends seamlessly with the modern amenities, it’s no wonder why residents love to call Summerville their home.