31 Homes For Sale in Suitland, MD

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Suitland, Maryland, is well situated to the south and east of Washington, D.C. and offers a variety of affordable homes for sale. From tidy Cape Cods in the Parkland Terrace Neighborhood listed at just over $300,000 to three bedroom ramblers in the Manchester Estates area for under $290,000, Suitland has lots of good options for families of all sizes.

The area of Suitland, MD, has a long, rich history on its own as well as due to its proximity to the Capital of the United States of America. Individuals who live here are employed at some of the nearby federal government headquarters for agencies such as the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Support Center and National Museum of the American Indian Cultural Resources Center as well as the United States Census Bureau. Since the 1930s, Suitland has produced notable National Football League players. Ample public transportation is available via Washington Metro is available to get residents in and out of Washington, D.C. for employment, educational or cultural pursuits.

Residents of the Suitland area have access to two community recreation centers and four parks that are maintained by the county’s parks and recreation department. Families and singles mingle in this area that is bordered on the west by the Potomac River. The education system in the county holds multiple elementary, middle, and high schools as well as the Suitland High School, which offers specialized programs in the arts and a vocational academy as part of the public magnet school. The people of Suitland have the advantage of being able to enjoy the museums, restaurants, theaters and cultural life of Washington, D.C. without having to live in a big city themselves. Suitland weather is more moderate than in communities farther north in the U.S. and still provides four distinct seasons. Outdoor lovers will find ample space to explore the nearby forests and enjoy water sports on the Potomac.