277 Homes For Sale in Statesville, NC

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Statesville, NC, is a small city located right in the heart of the state. An hour from both Charlotte and Winston-Salem, this rural region is chalk full of houses and land for sale. Lots range from quarter-acre to multiple acres in size, leaving vast amount of untapped land, full of whatever potential you can bring forth. With so much space, you can count apartment complexes and condominiums out. This region is all about the beautiful country space.

Like most regions of smaller population, Statesville sees a low cost of living. In this case it is as much as 16.2 percent below the national average. Much of this stems from the lower than average cost of housing. The median price for a home is just $82,700. Work prospects are also inviting, as job growth doubles the national average at 2.14 percent. The public schools compete well, keeping teacher to student ratios below 16 to one. The small size of the town also makes commuting convenient and easy. Being only 20 square miles, the city is very pedestrian friendly.

The south is often a golfer’s paradise, and Statesville fits that mold well. The town itself boasts four unique golf courses and country clubs, with plenty more a short drive away. The rural vibe of the area lends to its charm. Main street strolls involve historic locations, traditional theaters and locally owned shops and eateries. Fort Dobbs, a preserved historical site, always makes for an entertaining visit. If that isn’t enough, the great outdoors are at your doorstep in Statesville, making hunting, hiking and all manner of activities more accessible than they ever could be in urban environments. If you do miss the city life, Charlotte and Winston-Salem are a short drive away, making all of their amenities available at any time. If you’re ready to investigate the wonders of country life without being too remote for comfort, Statesville needs to be on your list.