143 Homes For Rent in Stamford, CT

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Stamford, Connecticut, is the third largest city in the state and the seventh largest in the entirety of New England. Whether they bear stucco, siding, or brick exterior facades, the condominiums of Stamford are elegant, regal, and affordable. Condos in the city come in all sizes, from one-bedroom modest apartments to expansive three bedroom palaces. The definite colonial influence on the architecture of Stamford contributes to the attractiveness and desirability of its condos.

Stamford is a city composed of 45 distinctive districts and 2 areas of major historical significance. These sections are divided into the 6 zip codes that encompass the city. The Downtown area of Stamford is the business epicenter of the metropolitan area and is home to a shopping mall, a university campus, many corporation headquarters, and a variety of fairly new residential high-rise developments. In the southeast corner of Stamford, neighborhoods such as The Cove contain homes and residences of many different types, from luxurious mansions to starter condos along the scenic shoreline. West Side, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Shippan Point, and South End are also located in this area of Stamford. Long Ridge, North Stamford, and Scofieldtown are located towards the northern end of the city, and are home to mixed-use districts of historical, residential, and commercial purposes.

A plethora of large corporations and even Fortune 500 companies have made their home in Stamford and support the city’s thriving local economy. Some of the major employers who also have headquarters in Stamford are Vineyard Wines, WWE, Tasty Bite, Pitney Bowes, Gen Re, Frontier Communications, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. Large retail stores in the area include Design Within Reach and Fairway Market. It is notable that 4 Fortune 500 companies and 9 Fortune 1000 companies are located within Stamford, including General Electric, Xerox, EMCOR Group and Priceline.com, the travel rentals consumer website.