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The city of Schertz, Texas has an unconventional shape to its boundaries that stretches it between three counties: Guadalupe, Comal, and Bexar. With its modest size of less than 30 square miles, it boasts a small overall population while still being the largest city in the Randolph Metrocom, the community of cities and towns that support and encircle Randolph Air Force Base, providing support for its operations.

With a history stretching back to 1843 when the first settlers put down permanent dwellings in the area, Schertz nonetheless owes most of its growth to a boom in the area that started in the mid-1990s and brought Prosperity to the entire Randolph Metrocom/San Antonio area. In addition to its proximity to San Antonio, the city also offers a variety of community events and cultural festivals, including its own one-day jazz festival Absolute Jazz, and its fourth of July celebration to honor those in the United States Armed Services. As a city with a population under 35,000, Schertz represents a single community more than most U.S. cities do, as reflected by its relatively centralized attractions like the Civic Center and YMCA and its lack of traditional neighborhood subdivisions.

Billing itself as a premier Texas community, Schertz makes sure to follow up on that promise with organized fall cleanup events, a local Walk for Life, and other community-wide activities that provide families with the opportunity to engage with both their neighbors and their local government. Its median age is slightly above average at 37, and two-thirds of the Schertz community is made up of married couples, making it slightly different from the national average but perfectly reflective of many communities that support military bases and facilities. Most families have children that are still growing up, and the median home value is a bit higher than both the national and state averages, reflecting the relatively recent construction of many of the houses. This provides an excellent opportunity for established families looking for comfortable, turnkey-ready homes that are located conveniently between San Antonio and Randolph Air Force Base. Crime in the area is generally below average in every category, and far below average in two thirds of the counties the city occupies, and schools in the area regularly receive solid ratings from many of the educational assessment organizations charged with providing that information to parents and communities, making Schertz ideal for both military families and San Antonio commuters.