153 Homes For Sale in Schenectady, NY

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It’s a great time to look for a home right now in Schenectady, New York. This city of 66,000 is a sanctuary of peaceful single-family homes at affordable prices. These homes have a level of privacy that residents in larger cities only dream of. Many of them contain between three and five bedrooms and are located along classic tree-lined streets or at the end of shady driveways. This quiet, green suburb is the perfect place for a young family to settle down so their kids can enjoy both privacy and a sense of community.

Dutch settlers originally founded Schenectady in the 1600s. It is near one of the largest Native American villages in the Mohawk Valley and has been around since the 1100s. In fact, the name "Schenectady" actually derives from the Mohawk description of the settlement, which translates to "beyond the pines." The town came under the rule of the British in the late 1600s. The city’s long and varied history is still quite palpable in its quaint center, where accordion-playing tour guides beckon visitors to check out restored Dutch residences in the Stockade Historic District. Other places of historical interest include the Proctor’s Theatre, famous for its Wurlitzer theater pipe organ; the Mabee House, which is the oldest residential building in the Mohawk Valley; and Union College, which boasts the first planned college campus in the nation.

For those who like modern-day activities as well as historical charm, there are plenty of things to do in Schenectady. The city experienced strong revitalization in the beginning of the 21st century, and the number of restaurants and retail stores has been growing steadily ever since. There are also some excellent casinos in the area. Schenectady was one of just three locations chosen for Class III casino gambling, and this decision has led to a development project known as the Rivers Casino and Resort at Mohawk Harbor. This project, which got the green light in July 2015, will combine a marina, hotel and residential area with the casino. It is also expected to create upwards of 1,200 jobs. The Rivers Casino is just one of many such projects that are reinvigorating Schenectady’s economy. General Electric recently built a center for renewable energy that attracted hundreds of workers to the Mohawk Valley, and the city is in the process of renovating numerous historic buildings. If you are looking for a great place to call home, browse through our listings of beautiful Schenectady homes for sale.