95 Condos For Sale in Salt Lake City, UT

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Not only is Salt Lake City the capital of Utah, it is also the most populous city in the state and encompasses more than 110 square miles. Known historically as a holy city, many of the houses in this area were built well before World War II. Single-family homes typically have 3 or 4 bedrooms, but apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms are prevalent as well. In addition, architectural designs reflect styles from multiple different time periods depending on the location of the neighborhood.

The western side of Salt Lake City consists mainly of small informal communities. Rose Park and Glendale can be found here, along with several other subdivisions that have been constructed recently. The Avenues, on the other hand, is a historic district that is almost entirely residential with a few small shops amidst the Victorian-era homes. Foothill and Federal Heights surround the University of Utah, making them ideal neighborhoods for those who are interested in receiving a degree. However, Poplar Grove and Glendale are more welcoming and affordable. If you are looking for a younger, trendier environment, the Marmalade District is also a popular choice for residents of Salt Lake City.

The biggest industries in Salt Lake City range from education and health services to retail and hospitality. Thanks to modern art and recreation, the city even sees a fair amount of tourist activity each year. Many workers are employed by companies that manufacture commercial or industrial products, which has a direct influence on the local industry for shipping and transportation. However, the Delta hub of Salt Lake City International Airport currently employs the largest number of people in the city, and Intermountain Healthcare provides hundreds of annual job openings as well. For residents who wish to pursue their personal beliefs, the LDS Church is yet another major employer with deep ties to the cultural background of the city.