7 New Homes For Sale in Saint Louis, MO

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A famous port city of Missouri, St. Louis is located along the western banks of the Mississippi River and is the second largest city in the state. The general characteristics of homes in St. Louis include classic modern American architecture, space saving design, and exteriors done in stone and muted tones of brick and stucco. Homes of all sizes, from town homes to two-bedroom cottages to six-bedroom luxury houses, are available in St. Louis.

The city scape of St. Louis is divided roughly into 79 different neighborhoods that are designated by the government. Many of these have their own neighborhood associations that work to plan events, deal with local legislation, and support their residents and community members. Downtown St. Louis, a hallmark of the city, includes the St. Louis Union Station and the Scottrade Center. Midtown St. Louis, which is nearby, is home to the Fox Theater and Powell Symphony Hall, among other attractions. Grand Center, Lafayette Square, Central West End, and Dogtown, an area which includes four different neighborhoods, are all well known districts of St. Louis. The city is also sometimes segmented into what’s known as the ‘North City’ and the ‘South City’, though both of these areas can be divided up into much smaller sections.

The pillars of the St. Louis economy include manufacturing, healthcare, social services, business and professional services, research and technology, and retail and commerce. A whopping 34,000 residents are employed in the healthcare industry alone. The workforce of administrators and support services is 24,000 individuals, while those in the manufacturing and food service sectors number 21,000 and 20,000, respectively. St. Louis and its metropolitan area are home to nine Fortune 500 companies, including Peabody Energy and Ameren. Among the top employers in the city are BJC Healthcare, Washington University, City of St. Louis, St. Louis University, St. Louis Board of Education, Wells Fargo, and the US Postal Service.