13 Condos For Sale in Riverview, FL

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Just adjacent to Tampa on the Gulf Coast of Florida lies the scenic and sunny city of Riverview, located on the northern shoreline of the Alafia River. In the downtown area of Riverview as well as its suburban outskirts, condominiums are one of the most prevalent forms of housing. Whether they are shared family structures located on the banks of the river, or mid-rise buildings in the heart of the town, the condos in Riverview are highly desirable.

Riverview is sectioned off into a number of distinctive residential communities to house its 28,000 households. It is mainly a suburb or ‘bedroom community’ of Tampa and contains about 19 constituent neighborhoods, many of which are relatively recent developments. The most affluent of Riverview’s subdivisions feature amenities like their own clubhouses and recreational facilities and community centers. Some of these upscale communities include Town Center, Raulerson Road, Boyette Road, Riverview Drive, and Bloomingdale Avenue. The Boyette Road residential area, located southeast of downtown Riverview, is also home to many media stations and centers of retail and commerce. Several of Riverview’s residential neighborhoods are located in the coastal area with beautiful views of the water. The construction of so much new real estate indicates the robustness and burgeoning nature of Riverview’s economy.

The major employers and industries of Riverview include tourism and leisure, hospitality, real estate, education, government, healthcare, retail and commerce, production, and professional and business services. Numerous of Tampa’s major media outlets are located in Riverview, including many radio and television stations that broadcast from the southeastern area of Riverview. Two high schools in the city, Riverview High School and Spoto High School, employ many educators, administrators, and other staff in the local area. The Bell Creek Nature Preserve is also located in Riverview and has a workforce of some local residents. Many Riverview residents choose to commute regularly into Tampa, Gibsonton, or Ruskin, for nearby employment.