41 Homes For Sale in Randallstown, MD

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Based roughly ten miles outside of Baltimore, Randallstown, Maryland, provides a wide assortment of neighborhoods and houses to meet the needs of any homebuyer. It is also known for its significant contributions to industries such as healthcare and public administration. In addition, Randallstown is home to more than 30,000 people, with most residents living in streamlined condominiums or townhouses. However, prices are still reasonable for single-family homes and encompass a range of old and new architecture as well.

Despite the fact that Randallstown is only 10 square miles, it boasts an impressive selection of educational institutions in nearby cities. As a result, over 35% of residents carry a Bachelor's degree or equivalent level of certification. Furthermore, students can choose between top-rated institutions, such as Towson University, Loyola University and Baltimore City Community College. This means that the community of Randallstown views educational standards as a priority, making it an ideal town for scholars and educators alike. As a matter of fact, Damon Elliott, renowned music and film producer, graduated from Coppin State University only nine miles away.

If you are interested in tasting different types of cuisine, Randallstown, Maryland, also offers a variety of local restaurants, from Indian and Mediterranean to sushi and burgers. There is also a handful of bars and taverns where you can dance to live music, play pool and take advantage of weekly cocktail specials. For those who are willing to travel, Baltimore provides even more fun and excitement for people of all ages, such as the Baltimore Zoo and the Maryland Science Center. Educational destinations include Fort McHenry and the National Aquarium, while kids may enjoy Ripley's Believe It or Not or the Davis Planetarium. Whether you love the nightlife or simply want to eat good food, Randallstown has all your needs for shopping, entertaining and real estate all in one convenient place.