43 Homes For Sale in Quakertown, PA

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Quakertown, Pennsylvania, is a small town on the eastern side of the state that measures only two square miles. Less than 9,000 people live within in this historic borough, which contains many properties that were built prior to World War II. With plenty to do and plenty to see in Quakertown, this quiet, family-friendly area is popular for families, businesses, and tourists alike.

Applebachsville and Strawntown are neighborhoods that contain some of the priciest real estate in Quakertown, with many homes that were built less than 30 years ago, as well as a few properties that date from before 1940. This area contains well-maintained historic homes with plenty of green space. The neighborhoods of Spinnerstown and Paletown offer slightly more affordable real estate options, with many newer and more modern homes that were built within the past decade. A mix of white and blue-collar jobs contributes to the economic diversity in the area, and this variety also helps attract new residents to the area who may be looking to relocate. Also helping to attract new residents are the excellent public schools in Quakertown, with an average of 16 students per classroom in the 10 schools within the school district.

Quakertown contains one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Pennsylvania: Nockamixon State Park. Nockamixon covers more than 5,200 acres of land, where patrons can go boating or fishing, or ice-skating and ice fishing in the winter when the lake freezes. Visitors can also go horseback riding on over 20 miles of horse-friendly trails, as well as cycling and walking on other designated trails. The big city can still be found if you want it at nearby Allentown, which is only about a half hour’s drive away. If you’ve been looking for a peaceful, historic area with strong family values and a great sense of community, then browse our for sale listings in Quakertown, PA, to find the perfect home today.