132 New Homes For Sale in Puyallup, WA

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In the beautiful temperate rainforest area of Washington state lies the mid-sized city of Puyallup, just 10 miles from Tacoma and 35 miles from the major city of Seattle. Puyallup boasts homes that are typical of the Pacific Northwest region in their muted exterior tones, classic blended with modern stylings, and attention to detail. Home sizes range from a mere 1000 square feet, as in a bungalow, to a few thousand square feet, as in a spacious mini-mansion.

Puyallup is in the shadow of scenic Mount Rainier and no matter what neighborhood of the city you’re in, you are likely to have a view of that majestic mountain range. The city is divided into several districts and communities, primarily the downtown area and those subdivisions that are in the valley. The downtown is full of hallmarks that make the town unique, including historical landmarks such as Ezra Meeker’s famous mansion, belonging to one of Puyallup’s founders. An antique district is home to many markets, malls, and small businesses that give off an old-fashioned feel and offer residents many shopping opportunities. The shopping district, which is located in another segment of the downtown, is also composed of many historic buildings. The Pioneer Park area attracts visitors with its public recreational area, library, playground, and walking paths. In the Southeast corner of Puyallup, the popular Pierce County Foothills Trail begins

Retail and commerce, education and government, and professional and business services are the pillars of the Puyallup economy. Over 30 schools and 20,000 students are involved in the Puyallup School District, which is the ninth largest in the state and one of the city’s biggest employers for those in the teaching and administration fields. Major annual events such as the Daffodil Festival Parade and the Washington State Fair, which takes place each fall and attracts over one million visitors, serve as huge propellers to the local economy, especially small businesses and restaurants.