155 Homes For Sale in Pottstown, PA

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Pottstown, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to find large homes nestled in the woods about forty miles outside of the city of Philadelphia. In some areas, traditional and American craftsman-style homes punctuate large lots of land. If you prefer your neighbors to be a little closer, Pottstown also has homes that are snuggled cozily in suburban alcoves. Homebuyers on a budget and those willing to pay for additional luxury can both find suitable and appealing properties in Pottstown.

Nearly half of the homes in the town are owner-occupied. Approximately eighty percent of the houses were constructed within the last 25 years. The age of the homes is an example of the growth that Pottstown has expErienced in the past two decades. Further examples of Pottstown’s development are the large number of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the city. Potential residents who are looking to start a new business venture will find themselves in good company. Pottstown is a city of approximately 22,000 inhabitants and the median home price is under $150,000. Pottstown’s primary schools are regarded as very high quality institutions. However, families looking for specialized education alternatives will also find many private schools available for enrollment.

Many Pottstown residents lead very active lifestyles. Adventurous spirits can enjoy hot air balloon rides to get a dynamic view of the town. For those who prefer to keep their excitement on the ground, a visit to the Welkinwier Arboretum may be in order. Educational workshops, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities are available for those who want more intimate interaction with the forests, meadows, and gardens. Visitors and residents can relax and unwind at the local distillery where the cocktails and beverages receive rave reviews. You may also enjoy a stroll through Pottstown’s horse farm, where retired or rescued horses can enjoy the affection and company of the general public. This facility is free, but donations from the public are appreciated. Pottstown is a family –friendly and relaxed place to raise a family and develop new business.