10 Condos For Sale in Portsmouth, VA

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Portsmouth, VA is a bustling city of nearly 100,000 people on the Elizabeth River. Located directly across from Norfolk and easily accessed via ferry, Portsmouth actually contains the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, which repairs Navy ships. The Shipyard and entire city is loaded with three centuries of American history. Available homes in the area include historic Victorians, cottages, or even modern condos.

Diverse real estate choices exist in Portsmouth, VA. For those who love close proximity to action and a major dose of history, the waterfront area downtown has several historic neighborhoods with homes built from the late 1800’s to mid-1900’s: Downtown Portsmouth, Olde Towne with its riverfront Victorian and Greek Revival homes, Cradock with small cottages, Park View with showy Queen Anne homes, Truxtun, and Port Norfolk. Downtown Portsmouth also includes high-end apartments including "The Myrtles at Olde Towne," and new Victorian-style reproductions. Portsmouth Midtown neighborhoods have something for everyone and include the modern master-planned neighborhood of Lake Shores, Glenshellah with 1940’s waterfront homes, Crescent Place Apartments, Waterview, Port Norfolk, Mount Hermon, Westhaven, modern family subdivisions at New Port at Victory Village, and Cavalier Manor. Churchland is a quiet community with spacious lots and a suburban feel, but also with a close proximity to many amenities.

Portsmouth, VA actually has many more jobs than workers who are locate in the city, leading as many as 6,000 workers to commute from surrounding areas. Large numbers of jobs come from the following fields: the federal government, ship repair, health care, marine engineering, manufacturing, and food processing. The Norfolk Naval Shipyard has a large presence in town. As the largest employer, it retains a whopping 9,000 people. The Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth employs 7,000 people. The City of Portsmouth employs 2,585 people and the U.S. Fifth District Coast Guard Command has a workforce of 2,500. The City of Portsmouth Public School System employs 2,192 people.