37 Condos For Sale in Port Charlotte, FL

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With a median home price of $125,000, Port Charlotte FL is an area that caters to first-time homebuyers. This is because its affordable home prices, coupled with the area’s low cost of living, make Port Charlotte the perfect area for anyone hoping to save money on real estate. Roughly 82% of homes are owned here, and the majority of the area’s houses adhere to the Mediterranean style of architecture.

Port Charlotte contains primarily residential neighborhoods, and the area is known for its stunning scenery and easy access to beaches. As with most cities, the downtown area is home to the majority of Port Charlotte’s commercial and financial centers. It is also home to a few residential apartment buildings and community parks. The city is primarily residential, and the outlying communities are home to most of the area’s subdivisions and waterfront views. These parts of the city border the Charlotte Harbor Estuary and contain some of the area’s most expensive real estate.

The diverse economy of Port Charlotte and the surrounding area is sure to provide jobseekers with a wealth of opportunities. Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the area, and a significant portion of the community works on the surrounding orange and tomato farms. Since the area is surrounded by water and estuaries, fishing has always been a major source of jobs for workers in Port Charlotte. Southwest Florida International Airport, which is the largest of its type in the region, employs many workers from the local areas. All of these industries are immensely important, but tourism is the main driving factor behind the employment boom in this area. Port Charlotte’s near perfect weather and close proximity to the water means that a lot of locals work in the area’s hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Florida Gulf Coast University is the area’s second-largest employer and many citizens work for the university.