91 Condos For Sale in Pensacola, FL

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Potential homeowners have a variety of different options when looking for a home in Pensacola, Florida. The city, which is in the far west of the Florida Panhandle, offers newly constructed homes sporting a modern design as well as homes that are featured on the National Registry of Historic Places. There are choices of condominiums and multi-family homes, and the city offers modest two-bedroom homes as well as six-bedroom mansions.

The city has 100 separate neighborhoods, and the community has a neighborhood revitalization program that helps improve the city’s quality of life. The Historic Pensacola Village offers museums and 22 historic buildings. Tours are available for many of these buildings and other historic landmarks. Residents do not have to go far to find a neighborhood park. Some of the highlights include Big Lagoon State Park, which offers access to beaches, bicycle trails and picnic areas. Vince J. Wibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park is a large park that offers a stadium and an amphitheatre. Pensacola’s historic downtown area is the site of the city’s Seafood Festival and Crawfish Festival. A popular event is the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival; it is a three-day event and features more than 200 artists, which includes painters, sculptors and graphic artists.

The city is home to about 52,000 residents, and there is a mix of different occupations. The city is the home of three colleges, eight high schools and many middle and grammar schools. Positions need to be filled at these schools. Some of the jobs available are teachers, admission workers and curriculum developers. There are many hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in the city, so there is a need for nurses, physical therapists and home health care workers. Many of the city’s businesses are in need of customer service representatives. There is a plethora of jobs for cashiers, truck drivers and warehouse workers. Temporary workers also are needed for the city’s many festivals and shows that take place throughout the year.