197 Homes For Sale in Overland Park, KS

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With over 170,000 residents, Overland Park, Kansas is the second largest city in the state. The city is a suburb of Kansas City, and it is located in Johnson County. There are several houses in the area, many which serve as homes for families. Overland Park is also a top destination for individuals living alone. The larger homes and land in Overland Park is particularly appealing to the residents. Also, there are homes available at different price ranges.

Several of the residents who live in Overland Park work in the Kansas City area. Most of the jobs are service related, such as health care, technical services, retail, finance, and insurance. Overland Park is also home to several large corporations, including Sprint. The popular restaurant chain, Applebee’s, was established in the city. It is a well-liked food choice for many of the residents in the area. Several of the citizens in the area are religious. There is a strong Protestant population, and the area is also home to Methodists and Muslims. Overland Park homeowners enjoy a reasonable cost of living, and it is easier for many people to own homes.

Overland Park has a reasonable climate. During the summer months, it is hot and humid. In the wintertime, the temperatures are colder and the air is dry. The area is filled with schools and learning opportunities for the residents. There are four public school districts and several private learning institutions. Many children attend private schools, and there are also universities for young adults. When the residents are not working or attending school, they often participate in recreational activities. In fact, the area is home to over 1800 acres of parks and open space.. There are a variety parks in the city, including ones with playgrounds, hiking, biking, tennis courts, hiking, volleyball, and golf. For beautiful nature, many people like to visit the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Residents and tourists also enjoy the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, which Nickelodeon Channel recently called a top "family" attraction. Overland Park is also home to great shopping. Oak Park Mall is one of the top shopping destinations, and it is filled with appealing shops and popular department stores. Another exciting aspect of Overland Park is the local newspaper. The Kansas City Star covers the local news in the area and publishes weekly special editions. If you are looking for a great community that is accessible to cities and recreation, then Overland Park is for you.