203 New Homes For Sale in North Las Vegas, NV

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Besides being the fourth largest city in the state of Nevada, North Las Vegas is also fondly referred to as, ‘Your Community of Choice’, according to its municipal motto. The homes in this southwestern desert paradise are typical of the region, many of them having features like low-angled or flat roofing, earth and clay-colored stucco exteriors, and Spanish influenced architectural details. Both efficient townhomes and decadent palace-style homes exist within the city of North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas is often considered a suburb or neighborhood within the municipality of Las Vegas itself, although it is formally distinguished as it own city of over 215,000 residents. It is located both north and east of Las Vegas proper, and dominates the northeastern portion of the Las Vegas Valley. In the year 2000, there were approximately 37,000 housing units within North Las Vegas, though a great number have been built since then to keep up with the rapid growth of the city. Though North Las Vegas is nearly all residential space, it is also known for its Planetarium, a popular attraction located at the College of Southern Nevada. Additionally, it is famous for its appeal to bargain hunters, who enjoy the vast retail opportunities that the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North provide. Two planned communities, Aliante and Eldorado, are located in the city.

It will not come as a surprise that much of the regional economy relies on the show business and tourist attractions within Las Vegas, but North Las Vegas has an established economy of its own which relies primarily on manufacturing, warehouse distribution and trade, bio-technology, solar and green energies, and retail. The local government, offering three libraries and several recreational areas, and the local schooling system, which has a workforce of over 35,000 employees, are major employers within the city. The Apex Industrial Park, which employs hundreds of local residents, is located conveniently within North Las Vegas.