23 Condos For Sale in North Las Vegas, NV

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Situated North-East of Las Vegas and the notorious Strip, North Las Vegas, NV offers a desert climate with beautiful mild winters. While the area is somewhat influenced by the bustle of its nearby neighbor, the area is largely made up of suburbs with single-family homes, and most of these homes include 3 to 4 bedrooms. The area has seen substantial growth in recent years and offers a number of new housing developments.

The city center of North Las Vegas offers a wide variety of housing options and is one of the more historical neighborhoods in the region offering Renovated and repurposed old Victorian homes along with a number of duplexes and small apartment buildings. The area offers a more urban atmosphere with a number of local restaurants and shops. Nearby Wann, offers a more suburban area with a substantial number of homes that have been built since 2000. The area is overrun with gorgeous new homes. The surrounding neighborhoods of Valley, West Centennial Pky and Deer Springs Way along with a number of other suburban areas offer additional new housing options entirely built in the new millennium, and master-planned communities like Eldorado and Aliante provide a number of contemporary suburban amenities. If you are looking for a modern and newly developed area, North Las Vegas is ideal.

While the area is substantially influenced by the bustling tourist industry of the Las Vegas Strip, there are a number of companies that have established operations in the region. Traditionally, the area’s economy has been largely influenced by the manufacturing and warehouse distribution sectors, but with increasing focuses on technological development a number of more tech savvy business have relocated to the area, and there is now a selection of green and solar power companies and custom manufacturing operations. While these employers offer a number of positions, residents also commute to nearby Las Vegas.