140 Homes For Sale in North Bergen, NJ

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Located in Hudson County, New Jersey, North Bergen is a township with a population of 60,773, showing substantial growth within the region. While housing costs in the area are some of the highest in the nation, they are significantly lower than some of the most expensive in the state. The housing in the area is substantially diverse with a substantial percentage of small apartment buildings and high-rise complexes and only about 20% sing-family homes.

The area has been named one of the hilliest locations in the nation, likely a result of its location on the Hudson River. The area was first established as a semi-autonomous colony in 1660 by Peter Stuyvesant, and at this time the area was largely made up of woods and forest. North Bergen and the surrounding area experienced its first substantial growth in the second half of the 19th century with a significant influx of immigrant populations. During this time, the notorious Guttenburg Racetrack was built nearby to the north and became a popular destination, and later it became a test site for the development of the automobile and airplane. Despite slowing growth in nearby communities, North Bergen has continued to grow significantly in population with new waves of immigrants.

North Bergen is home to several prominent retail districts, and it has been established as an "Urban Enterprise Zone" by the state, and there are a number of community improvement projects underway. The township is also home to a number of prominent corporations including the Vitamin Shoppe and Liz Claiborne, and they employ a number of local residents. The railway also has a prominent presence and provides a variety of jobs. Students in the area attend schools in the North Bergen School District, and North Bergen is home to the High Tech High School, a magnet school for 9-12. The rich history of North Bergen provides a rich culturally diverse and environment to come home to.