100 Homes For Sale in Norristown, PA

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Less than a 35 minute drive from the busy city of Philadelphia, Norristown is a slightly quieter and much smaller area. There are normally over a hundred homes on the market at any given time, most of which have multiple bedrooms. Many of the properties are attached to one another on the block, providing a feeling of closeness to the residents with their neighbors. Tons of these affordable homes are for sale.

Living in Norristown is a great expErience for children and adults because of the different things this city has to offer. Many of the residents work in other areas, such as Philadelphia, and can easily travel from their home to get to their place of work because of the convenient transportation system in this city. There are plenty of restaurants and stores scattered all around Norristown, many of which can be found near some of the popular parks, including the Bartasch Park and Scagg Cottman Park. Numerous public and private schools are also in existence in the city, offering the best educational opportunities for kids.

The unemployment rate in Norristown is low and there are many jobs available. The time it takes for residents to get to those specific jobs will take, on average, less than 30 minutes. The city is ideal for couples, singles and even those with children who are looking for a relatively safe place to live where the neighbors are friendly and there is enough for them to do throughout the week. Some of the grocery stores include the Marshall Mart and Marrical Grocery. These stores are spread out around the city and are easy to locate regardless of the exact location of the home. Anyone who has kids may appreciate the area because of its excellent schools and various local libraries that encourage Reading. Even those without children may like some of the local amenities that can be found in this smaller city.