93 Homes For Rent in Mobile, AL

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Mobile, Alabama, is a cultural epicenter of the Gulf Coast, boasting a number of key commercial hubs, numerous arts accolades, and a wealth of historical architecture. As the third most populous city in the state, Mobile is known for incredible diversity in its housing market, offering residents both affordable starter homes and sizeable three and four-story houses that leave nothing to be desired. Characteristic of many areas in southern Alabama, Mobile sports wide, quiet streets and elegant palm tree yard styling.

The volume of historical districts, well-preserved homes, and classic architecture in Mobile is outstanding. Tudor revival homes, buildings from the early days of Mobile as a trade port, and mansions distinctive to the deep south remain in some of the most notable historic neighborhoods, such as Ashland Place, Church Street East, Oakleigh Garden, Old Dauphin Way, Spring Hill and De Tonti Square. Both the older and the more modern communities showcase the area’s mixed, rich cultural heritage, originating from primarily French, Spanish, Creole, and Catholic traditions, among others. This colorful diversity is apparent in the architecture of different subdivisions, the road and landmark names in the area, and the residents themselves. Conveniently, Mobile offers public transport, the Wave Transit System, that brings bus service directly to many of the neighborhoods, making it easy to get around town.

As a major source of industry, trade, and transport for the coastal region, many of Mobile’s primary sources of employment come from steel and ship building, retail and commerce, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing. Business services and financial organizations are also among the top employers. Health and education services, too, represent a good chunk of Mobile’s economy. The Mobile County Public School System, Infirmary Health Systems, the University of South Alabama, and Providence Hospital are all in the top ten hiring entities in Mobile. Walmart and the City of Mobile hire an additional 3 percent of the population.