126 Homes For Sale in Midlothian, VA

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Settled south of James River and west of Richmond, Midlothian, Virginia is an unincorporated community and has been ranked as the 12th biggest community in the state. The area is largely comprised of fertile hilled land and is considered a plain by most. The housing market is most predominantly made up of single-family homes, and there are only a very small percentage of apartments and other housing options available.

Midlothian possesses a deep and rich history from its founding over 300 years ago. The land was originally established as a coal mining settlement due to the regions rich resources. The town was named after two Scottish brothers who founded the Mid-Lothian Mining Company, and the coal from their mine and others were an integral part in the American Revolution. Because there was a booming coal industry, the central road into the area was one of the first hard-surfaced roads. During the 20th century, the coal industry began to rapidly decline, and the town grew as a wealthy suburb, and in 2005, the town was ranked as CNN Money’s 37th best place to live.

Today, several known historical sites remain as tribute to the towns past and are frequented by both locals and tourists, and the Chesterfield Museum provides an educational exhibit on the areas rich mining history. The community has developed a number of modern facilities and amenities. Current residents most commonly hold white-collar positions, and a number of prominent investors have made it a prime location for investment firms. Children in the area attend schools in the Chesterfield County Public Schools System and James River High School, located in Midlothian, received the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award from the President in 2000, and the town is one of the most highly educated communities in the country. With its deep historical roots, the serene small community of Midlothian offers the perfect spot to call home.