1,509 Condos For Sale in Miami, FL

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Miami is a bustling, vibrant city located in southeastern Florida. Known for its diversity, this famous city is a central area for culture, entertainment and fashion. Miami is a warm, coastal city with stunning one- and two-bedroom homes common to this area. Homes here show influences of modernized and Mediterranean styles, providing a living space for any preference.

Since Miami is a city that has so much to offer, there is a wide range of choices for neighborhoods. On the southern side of Miami lies Coconut Grove and Coral Way. Built in 1922, Coral Way is a neighborhood with old homes and a historic feel. Coconut Grove is home to the Coconut Grove Playhouse and contains numerous gardens, parks, bars and restaurants. Not only is it possible to get fantastic authentic Cuban food here, but there are also a wide variety of cuisine choices. From Italian to Greek and even Thai, there’s something to satisfy anyone’s palate in Coconut Grove. On the northern side of Miami is Midtown, which is home to lofty residential towers without sacrificing the beautiful foliage. There is also a great range of shopping choices in this area, from small, independent businesses to well-known, large retailers. Miami makes itself accessible to anyone looking for the heat and comfort of this thriving city.

Because Miami has such an exceptional public school system, it employs an extensive number of people to fill positions in this system. Miami also employs many people in its hospitals and research institutes in the Civic Center, such as the Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Miami VA Hospital. The Civic Center is home to medical centers and biotechnology industries. The fastest growing area of employment in Miami is in professional and business services. Downtown Miami is home to Florida’s largest central business district. This part of Miami is home to courthouses as well as many major banks. All kinds of businesses and places of employment in Miami are growing and thriving.