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Haverhill, MA, lies on the northern side of the Boston area, sandwiched between Georgetown and Salem. The prosperous city is home to roughly 60,000 residents. Homes in the area mostly include houses, apartments and condos. Occasional lots are available for new development, but a large number of places come rich with their own personal history. While not every building has seen the birth of the nation, Boston’s rich culture and national prominence have made every building a piece of heritage, enabling the region to withstand the housing bubble collapse. Appreciation comfortably sits at a promising 9.5 percent.

Boston is perhaps the wealthiest city in the country in terms of education. This opportunity extends to Haverhill. The city impressively boasts more college degrees than the rest of the country. Primary education is the foundation. Haverhill spends $3,000 more per student than the national average, and they manage to have one teacher for every 15 students. After succeeding there, locals have a ridiculous option of top tier colleges within a short drive. Harvard, MIT, Boston College and many other elite institutions consistently produce academic elites. The rich education contributes to a strong economy. Employment is only 5.7 percent, below average, and the median income is almost $10,000 higher than the rest of the nation. Additionally, job growth has held steady and positive throughout the recent recession.

If you enjoy entertainment of almost any form, Boston is the place to be. Perhaps America’s richest region in terms of culture and history, you can witness all of the historical sites from the birth of the country. The Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins are all sports institutions. Food and drink will never fail to dazzle you as the area is the home of American brewing and seafood. In Haverhill specifically, you can check out the Winnekenni Castle, Checkered Flag Indoor Karting, Ski Bradford, Buttonwoods Museum and more. The historic sites of Salem, Merrimack River and endless adventures of the Atlantic Ocean are all within easy reach. Few places in the world can offer the boundless enrichment of the Boston area, and Haverhill is a top place to find a quality home.