104 Homes For Sale in Longwood, FL

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Longwood, Florida is a lake-dotted area full of charm and opportunity. Homes here are mostly single-family detached homes, and their styles vary wildly thanks to the maintenance of its historical presence and continued modern growth. Many more modern homes and new constructions average a cost of around $500,000, but there are more cost-effective options available such as apartments and smaller, slightly older (but well-preserved) houses built prior to 2000. Regardless of your budget, Longwood has a perfect home for you and your family or friends.

This town is home to several lakes, rivers, and streams. Two of the most popularly-visited lakes are Lake Brantley and Lake Rock, each of which has its own charms to offer residents and guests alike. Each of these offers visitors the opportunity to fish, camp, swim, and boat, creating ample time to bond with loved ones while connecting with the vast amounts of surrounding nature that Longwood, Florida has to offer. Aside from these lakes, the town also has several parks which also exhibit the natural beauty to be found here. Arbor Park, Candyland Park, Raven Park and Shadow Hill Park are all popular Destinations for nature-lovers in the area, and many of them provide playgrounds, baseball fields, and other opportunities for children to run and play in a safe environment.

Though this suburban environment is primarily residential, it is home to some of the top employers in Seminole County, where Longwood, Florida lies. The South Seminole Hospital hires the largest number of people in Longwood, and provides excellent opportunities for career advancement for those who work there. For individuals who prefer manual labor to the largely technical operations of hospital work, Collis Roofing is the second largest employer. The combination of these two organizations ensures that anyone living in this area can find a job that not only interests them, but will serve their needs and help them to maintain financial stability. When not at their place of employment, residents may visit several points of interest which are scattered across the town. One of these attractions is the Longwood SunRail Station, where a newfound interest in passenger rail transportation has recently taken hold, lending residents a unique and memorable way to travel to and from this peaceful town. Longwood is perfect for families of all sizes who are searching for a peaceful, nature-filled retreat in which to live, and surroundings which will help them grow and thrive.