139 Homes For Sale in Livonia, MI

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With its beautiful, green landscape, Livonia Michigan is an affordable midsized city known for its traditional history. Mid century modern single-family homes are available in many neighborhoods throughout Livonia. These homes showcase green grass, elegant trees, and brick construction. Located in the northwest end of the city are a variety of larger homes including split-level homes and homes with large floor plans to accommodate larger families. These homes provide luxury and elegance at a reassuringly affordable price.

Livonia is conveniently located near multiple major freeways, allowing easy access to metropolitan Detroit. It is only 15 miles from downtown Detroit and has access to local bus service through the Detroit Department of Transportation. Amazingly, Livonia has been the choice for a Presidential visit by George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon. If you want to know why these icons of American culture visited this city, you will quickly find that the city is a historical landmark with a history of strong business connections and a pioneer heritage. Throughout the downtown area of the city, there are multiple architectural landmarks including the Livonia City Hall, the Chapel of the Felician Sisters, Eastern Michigan University, and the Saint Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church.

Like most larger cities, Livonia also has the major amenities most people look for in a place in which to settle down. The Livonia Marketplace, it a recently redeveloped shopping center with many of the big-box stores that make shopping convenient for many consumers. For those looking for high fashion, the Laurel Park Place is a fashion mall with over 72 stores, include boutiques for one-of-a-kind fashion styles. Simply driving through the beautiful Rosedale Gardens Historic District will allow you to see some of the most beautiful multistory brick houses centered in pristine landscaped yards. Michigan is known for its lakes and greenery and the scenic Newburgh Lake and Nankin Lake are a couple of the many lakes that beautify the landscape. Livonia has a dedicated local government that has supported the building of the Livonia Community Recreation Center, which offers a family friendly aquatic center and gym for the whole family to enjoy. Because of its landscape, the city easily has some of the best scenic parks and golf courses. This city is also the perfect place to find walking, hiking, and biking trails to stay active and healthy and enjoy the outdoors.