467 Homes For Sale in Little River, SC

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Many people across the country dream of one day retiring to a life of leisure by the sea. Little River, SC is an ideal spot for retirees and vacationers alike. Located just 20 miles north of the popular Myrtle Beach tourist spot, Little River is comprised of coastal summer homes, luxury apartment communities and expansive townhomes. In recent years, the average price of a home in Little River and surrounding Horry County has increased due to the popularity of the area for those looking to purchase a second home.

The fishing and shrimping industries have both played a large role in establishing, and later popularizing, Little River as a prime spot to live. Each May, the annual Blue Crab Festival attracts individuals from all over the country and gives them a taste of what this city is made of. Fishing in the Gulf Stream has become an attractive hobby for those who move to this city, as is spending time on the many challenging golf courses that can be found throughout the area. A sense of nature is always present in Little River, from the the centuries-old oak trees that line the streets of local shops to the spectacular views of shimmering ocean that can be seen in all around.

Little River is the northernmost city on what is known as the "Grand Stand," an area of popular beaches that line South Carolina and attract a wealth of visitors each year during the warmer seasons. Close to 9,000 people call Little River, SC home throughout the offseason, with that number steadily growing each year. The median age in this city is around 55, which is largely due to its popularity amongst retirees. Though the price of a home in this area is now close to what can be expected in the more expensive Myrtle Beach, many opt to move to Little River for its laidback attitude and tight knit sense of community.