13 Condos For Sale in Lexington, KY

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Lexington Kentucky is the second largest city in the state and is known as the Horse Capital of the World. While there are horse stables in evidence right outside the metro area, Lexington is a bustling city with a mix of college students, white and blue collar workers and various ethnic groups. Real estate in Lexington is characterized by a strong selection of attractive single-family 2 to 3 bedroom homes and condos. There is also a large number of rentals, given the sizeable student population.

The metro area of Lexington and Fayette is large and contains Jessamine, Bourbon, Scott, Woodford and Clark counties, and the US census Bureau lists the size of the city as 285 miles. Forbes ranked Lexington as one of the world’s seventeen cleanest cities. The city government has passed measures stimulating urban neighborhoods and restricting excessive development. Lexington instituted the first Urban Service Area in the country to maintain the balance between urban and rural sections. As a result, Lexington has many green spaces and pedestrian-friendly areas. It is home to numerous festivals, horse-racing events and cultural institutions, including two ballets and a theater.

Lexington maintains a low unemployment rate and was ranked by Forbes as the fourth best city for business and careers and the fifth highest for young professionals in 2008. One of the largest employers is the University of Kentucky, and a number of major companies got their start in the city, including Lexmark, Link-Belt Construction, A&W, Tempur Sealy and the Forcht Group of Kentucky. Other large companies such as Xerox, Toyota, Amazon, UPS, Lockheed Martin and IBM employee many Lexington residents. As a result, many residents come to Lexington to get a start in their careers or relocate from other cities. The generous salaries combined with the relatively low prices make Lexington a city that provides a comfortable standard of living for those who work in one of its many industries.