119 Homes For Sale in Lawrence, KS

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Home to the University of Kansas and less than an hour from Kansas City, Lawrence, KS, is the king of college towns. Housing variety is at its finest, including homes, lots, land, apartments, condos and townhouses. All are readily available, suitable for any living arrangement. The median home cost sits equal with the national average, but steady appreciation of 1.9 percent makes home ownership a sound investment.

Being a college town makes Lawrence a fun place to live. A number of interesting museums offer tours within the city. State parks and outdoor recreational areas are abundant, including several golf courses. Downtown has an active nightlife with a slew of restaurants, bars and clubs available. Proximity to Kansas City will provide you with any urban amenities you may need. All of this plays second fiddle to the real draw in Lawrence, the University of Kansas. Sports and other events are frequent and exciting. The Jayhawks are nationally competitive in most sports, but this is basketball country for sure. If you aren't a March Madness fanatic now, you will be. As regular contenders for the national title, the Jayhawks induce basketball fever year after year, and the palpable excitement is irresistible. If you want to live in a fun region with excellent job prospects and access to one of the best universities in the world, Lawrence is the place for you.