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Laurel, Maryland, has become a favorite for people who want to live in a quiet, peaceful town while commuting to the bustling city centers of Washington and Baltimore, and that’s why a large number of fantastic townhomes have been springing up all around town since the ‘90s. These townhomes have a wonderful balance of privacy and opportunities for socializing. If you’re looking for a place that’s quite secluded, however, you can find that too. There are plenty of large single-family homes that will give you total privacy.

Although the local industry in Laurel has largely shifted to Washington and Baltimore, there are still some important industrial and governmental entities located within the city limits. Notably, Laurel is home to several components of the Department of Defense, including the National Security Agency and the Fort Meade army base. It’s a great place for young people eager to serve their country to spend their formative years. If your kids are fans of Tom Clancy and other writers who focus on espionage and military science, then Laurel could be the perfect place for cultivating these interests. For anyone who is a fan of U.S. history, Laurel has a well-maintained historical center as well as several other sites of historical interest.

For kids who are budding scientists at heart, Laurel also has a lot to offer. The Applied Physics Laboratory affiliated with Johns Hopkins University is quite close by, so any kids who dream of setting up colonies on Mars or putting the final touches on the Theory of Everything will have plenty of stimulation as well as some potential mentors. In addition, the town’s environs is of great importance to natural history. It is one of the most prolific sites in North America for the discovery of dinosaur remains from the Cretaceous Era. Many of these fossils can be viewed in the expansive Dinosaur Park, which is located just outside of town and is the favorite spot of any kid who is experiencing a feverish fascination with dinosaurs. Some parts of the park are actually in the process of active excavation, and enthusiastic amateurs are invited to help the professional paleontologists reveal the ancient past. So if you’re looking for a great place to raise a smart, scientifically-minded child and have an easy commute to work in one of the big cities next door, Laurel is the place for you. Browse available homes today!