33 Condos For Sale in Largo, FL

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Largo, Florida is part of the Tampa Bay area, and it is also home to more than 75,000 people who live and in the rapidly growing town. With a slogan that boasts itself to be "the city of progress," the area’s housing seems to confirm that this is true. You are likely to find a range of subdivisions with single-family homes as well as the addition of newly construction condominiums and planned communities.

Largo and its neighborhoods have shifted and evolved continually since the city’s incorporation in the early 1900s. Its population has wavered, too, but has been steadily increasing ever since it became home to a large number of commuters. It is now one of the most densely populated cities in Florida, and residents live in the city’s subdivisions such as Autumn Chase, Baywood Park and Woodland Hills. More recently, a number of condominium complexes have been established, many of which exist on or near golf courses throughout the city. All of Largo’s neighborhoods boast an inviting sense of community and the beautiful landscape that is typical in Florida.

Largo’s development has resulted in a growing local economy, of course, but many of the community’s residents commute elsewhere for work. Employers in the nearby Tampa area provide many jobs, including many in fields such as health care and education. There are several hospitals and many more medical facilities that employ thousands, and the local school district provides many positions as well. Though Largo cannot rival the economy of nearby cities, it does provide a number of jobs in health care, too, as well as information technology and electronics. The retail and food industry of the city, including several shopping centers, also employ a significant number of people in the area. Whether you choose to work in Largo or commute elsewhere, you are sure to find a place in the community.