49 Homes For Rent in Laredo, TX

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Looking for a place to live with some international flair? Look no further than Laredo, Texas. With just the Rio Grande River separating this city from Mexico, it offers the best of both countries. Texas BBQ and Mexican mariachis. Salsa dancing one night and a country concert the next. Even many of the rental properties in Laredo offer a fusion of style, with state-of-the-art kitchens complete with granite countertops housed inside an adobe apartment building with a Spanish tile roof.

There are a number of different neighborhoods within Laredo that offer homes and apartments for rent. Some of the most desirable places to sign a lease include La Bota Ranch, Los Presidentes, Plantation and Regency. Each has a number of local amenities to make life here more comfortable. There are quite a few family and adult entertainment venues in Laredo, ranging from an amazing, pyramid-shaped planetarium on the Texas A&M campus to after-hours hotspots with live DJs and the most authentic margaritas on this side of the border. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious wherever you choose to relax and unwind after a hard week of work. The economy in Laredo is largely bolstered by the trade industry and truck drivers are in high demand here. HEB, a national supermarket chain, employs a substantial portion of the population as well.

Living in a condo or apartment community makes sense in Laredo. With 200-plus days of sunshine and temperatures averaging in the high-80s six months of the year, pool properties are a huge perk. These types of amenities are more affordable when you rent instead of buy. Plus, you don't have to worry about maintaining a yard or pool. AC on the fritz? Call the on-site manager. This leaves you with more time to enjoy everything going on in the city. Whether you are a season ticket holder for the Laredo Lemurs baseball team or prefer cheering on the Laredo Heat futbol players, there are countless sporting events to choose from. The arts are also big in Laredo. Three galleries are located downtown, as is a museum full of historical memorabilia. If for some reason there isn't much going on in Laredo on a given day, head across the border and enjoy on of the many festivals that are held throughout the year in Nuevo Laredo. When you need to travel further, Laredo International Airport (LRD) is conveniently located. Finish browsing all of our rental listings in this international border town to find a space that suits your lifestyle.