145 Homes For Sale in Land O Lakes, FL

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Land O’ Lakes, Florida is a very fast growing town near Tampa. It has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. This beautiful enclave near the western coast of Florida features many interesting attractions and a high average income. As a result, there is a beautiful range of available houses on the market for you to choose from. With a great mix of sizes, styles and architecture types, there is a perfect home for everyone in Land O’ Lakes.

Land O’ Lakes is named for the number of lakes and water features that populate the area. The name was suggested at a town meeting in 1949 and just stuck. That is part of the charm of this place. The small town, old world vibe is real and ever present. The town even elects an honorary major to perform ceremonial duties throughout their term. However, in recent years, Land O’ Lakes has been growing. The town has already absorbed several others, including Dupree and Ehren. This has led to an expansion of services, housing, schools and many other amenities. That is just part of the hospitable nature of Land O’ Lakes. Everyone is welcome and home is never far away.

This town is notable for a number of reasons. Land O’ Lakes is home to one of America’s original roadside tourist attractions, Dupree Gardens. This gorgeous botanical garden features 25 acres of flora for everyone to enjoy. Other outdoor activities include the Connor Preserve and Cypress Creek Preserve. The town has also been called the Nudist resort Capitol of the World. There are a total of 6 nudist resorts in the area, including the famous Lake Como Club. This is proof that, whatever you are looking to do outdoors, you can do it in Land O’ Lakes. This beautiful town can be home to all of your hopes and dreams. Use the tools to find your perfect home in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.