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Situated conveniently between Tampa and Orlando, Lakeland, Florida offers the accessibility of a metropolitan city with the personality and uniqueness of a smaller town. Neighborhoods like Raintree, which offer mostly apartment housing, give residents the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. Many communities, such as Medulla, are centered on one of Lakeland’s many lakes, and offer a variety of housing options including single-family homes and apartments for rent or lease. Residences closer to the lakes generally cost more.

Home to the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, which is housed at Florida Southern College, Lakeland offers a plethora of artistic, historic, and cultural attractions. The Shree Swaminarayan Temple is one of the United States’ first Hindu temples and is located in a peaceful meditation garden within the grounds of the college. Lakeland’s Imperial Symphony Orchestra performs several concerts every year, boasting the guest performances of some internationally known musicians. Downtown venues host a variety of other live music nearly every day of the week. Other popular annual events include the Hispanic Festival, Zombiefest, Sun N Fun, and Pig Fest. Occasions like these are always an opportunity for families to enjoy some food, fun, and games.

With the presence of the college as well as many older residents, Lakeland offers a variety of lifestyles. Named very appropriately for its many lakes, the city contains thirty-eight named bodies of water. Not surprisingly, many of the city’s features are built upon the lakes. These lakes offer many recreational activities for all ages. Residents can enjoy quiet evening strolls around Lake Mirror, situated in downtown Lakeland near Lakeland Terrace Hotel and City Hall. Others enjoy feeding ducks and swans at Lake Morton. Lake Tenoric is a great place for kayaking, fishing, and looking for wildlife. Lakeland also boasts unique eateries serving Turkish, Indian, and other interesting cuisines. With a population of just under 100,000, Lakeland is home to small business owners and employees of large companies alike. The largest employer of Lakeland residents is Publix, a grocery chain whose headquarters are located in Lakeland and whose stores can be found in several places throughout the city. Many residents enjoy the weather in Central Florida, which tends to be milder than the coastal regions and generally remains dry between October and May. With downtown Orlando only an hour drive away, Lakeland residents can also take advantage of Disney and Universal theme parks, see an Orlando Magic game, or explore the many new restaurants and cultural attractions. Browse our listings for the Lakeland area to find your new Florida home.