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Lake Elsinore, a city appropriately named for its location on the shore of a freshwater lake named Lake Elsinore, is a city in western Riverside County in California. The city was established as early as 1888 and was originally a small resort town, taking advantage of the lake's splendid views. Now, the city has a population of 51,000 people, living in lavish neighborhoods on the shores of Lake Elsinore in refined and expensive houses. Homes in Lake Elsinore can be expected to be more expensive than average, given its beautifully memorable lakeside location.

Originally named the Laguna Grande, Lake Elsinore is the largest natural freshwater lake in Southern California and is situated at the lowest point of the San Jacinto River watershed. The town is further bordered by the Elsinore Mountains to the west, which are a part of the Santa Ana Mountain Range. These mountain ranges include the Cleveland National Forest, therefore making it possible for inhabitants of Lake Elsinore to have access to interior locations of a magnificent national park. The Temescal Mountains are east of Lake Elsinore, and Temescal Canyon is to the north. It is easy to see why Lake Elsinore was initially a tourist resort location with its gorgeous views and the fresh waters of its expansive lake.

Lake Elsinore is also a city which encompasses a large area geographically. The wide range of neighborhoods in these regions is organized into 11 districts, each of which contains its own microcosm of culture, history, and geography. These districts are named Alberhill, Ballpark, Business, Country Club Heights, East Lake, Historic, Lake Edge, Lake Elsinore Hills, Lake View, North Peak, and Riverview. For sports fans interested in Lake Elsinore, the Lake Elsinore Diamond serves as a location for baseball, football, and concerts alike. There are also two skate parks available for use in the city, and it additionally is home to the Elsinore Grand Prix, which is a dirt-bike race that originally took place in mid-November. Industrially speaking, Lake Elsinore is home to companies such as Lake Elsinore Outlets, The Trap House, Walmart, Lowe's, The Home Depot, Target, and Albertsons. The city provides economic stability for inhabitants as well as breathtaking views and a wide variety of activities performable on the lake itself. For citizens able to spend a little extra on establishing themselves in a home, Lake Elsinore is a wonderland with geographic and economic diversity.