44 Homes For Sale in Laguna Hills, CA

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California living is a dream that many people hope to someday experience. If you’re making that dream a reality, one of the top places to live is Laguna Hills. Choose from the ritzy Cabot Rd or Galivan neighborhoods and expect to fork out at least one million dollars for a well-maintained home, often with custom pools and landscaping. For a less expensive option, the City Center’s home prices hover closer to $250,000 and still offer the charm of Laguna Hills while being closer to urban amenities.

If you’re looking for a city that offers diversity in homes as well as residents, Laguna Hills may be the perfect place for you. A quarter of the residents are foreign-born, meaning countries all over the world are represented. The varied population is as diverse as the many neighborhoods, with some areas featuring small condos that are just over $100,000 and others listing multimillion-dollar mansions. The average home prices of the area are high, but relatively affordable compared to the surrounding communities. The broad range of prices makes it possible for residents of any income to live in Laguna Hills.

Despite the newness of being incorporated about 25 years ago, this town has established itself as one of the premier locations for California’s elite to reside. Situated between Laguna Canyon and Laguna Beach, this perfectly located city offers residents the beauty of seaside living as well as the many types of recreation that come with being near the mountains. There are many well-known celebrities and athletes that call this beautiful land home, from Olympic medalists and NFL quarterbacks to Grammy-award-winning musicians. In fact, in Laguna Hills the majority of residents are involved in the art, media, design, math, office, sales and computer industries. The city itself has also made headlines as host of the Special Olympics World Games and home to one of the largest percentages of people who telecommute. Education is also important to residents and almost half of the population has a bachelor’s degree.