109 Homes For Sale in Laguna Beach, CA

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Being tucked away on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Laguna Beach, California offers one of the most luxurious places to live. There is a reason so many people flock here for their vacations. It is beautiful and there are plenty of activities to be had, and you could witness Laguna Beach's wondrous natural beauty every day. The homes in Laguna Beach are as luxurious as the city in which they can be found.

With its seven miles of coastline, Laguna Beach has developed a rich surf culture. Laguna Beach is the home of The Brooks Street Surfing Classic, which is the longest running surfing competition, the 'Vic' Skimboarding World Championship, which is the longest running pro circuit skim boarding competition, and The Laguna Open Volleyball Tournament, which is the second oldest volleyball competition in the country. If you are not interested in sports, there are plenty of opportunities for diving, paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, skim boarding, or you can even explore a hidden cove. The annual blue whale migration comes right past Laguna Beach, so you can spend an afternoon watching the elegant animals. In addition to a lively ocean culture, Laguna Beach features numerous museums, parks, festivals, and fine dining.

The most appealing aspect of Laguna Beach is its geography. This is the reason so many people call the city home or come to visit. The city itself is just above nine square miles, but it features seven miles of coastline. Its population is about 23,000, which makes the whole city feel like a small intimate neighborhood. Laguna Beach is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side, the Laguna Woods on the northern side, the Crystal Cove State Park to the northwest, Dana Point to the south, and numerous hills and majestic canyons to the east. It is true what they say about Laguna Beach being a hidden gem. Because of the hills, very few roads lead into or out of the city. Beyond the city, the land rises quickly to hug Laguna Beach. These areas have developed many mountain biking and hiking trails for you to explore. Additionally, Laguna Beach features some of the best weather in the world. Its mild climate is not-too-hot, but definitely warm and sunny throughout the entire year. With an average temperature of 73° F, it very rarely gets above 80°F. There are so many different aspects for you to enjoy if you make Laguna Beach your home. Browse through our extensive listing of luxurious Laguna Beach properties to find the perfect place for you to call home.