96 Homes For Sale in La Jolla, CA

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La Jolla, California is home to over 42,000 residents. It is a beautiful, affluent neighborhood that has seven miles of coastline. Most of the homes for sale are luxury residences that are close in proximity to the beach. The average home is smaller with a few bedrooms. The larger homes tend to be more expensive; however, they often provide a better view of the ocean. Since the neighborhood is more affluent, many investors are attracted La Jolla.

The majority of La Jolla resides on a hilly seaside community. Beautiful beaches and bluffs surround it. The city is also conveniently located to downtown San Diego – only 12 miles north. La Jolla is also 40 miles south of Orange County. In addition to the beauty of the area, many people are attracted to the amazing climate. The average daily temperature in La Jolla is 70.5, and the weather stays mild all year long. La Jolla has a variety of neighborhoods including La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, La Jolla Heights, Bird Rock, Lower Hermosa, Muirlands West, Soledad South, Hidden Valley, and Beach-Barber Tract. These neighborhoods are filled with homes and other amenities for residents and guests.

La Jolla is home to culture, business, recreational activities, shopping, and schools. Several companies are located in the area including finance, bioengineering, software, real estate, and medicine. There are also a variety of schools in the city. Most of the children attend school in the San Diego Unified School District; however, there are also prep schools and private schools. In addition, La Jolla is home to the University of California, San Diego. This major California school attracts thousands of students each year. Many of these students live in the homes in the city. La Jolla is also very well known for its arts. During the late 1800s, the Anne Held created the Green Dragon Colony. This was home to twelve cottages that offered beauty and culture. Today, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego resides in La Jolla, with plans to expand dramatically in size. Along with the arts, residents and guests are attracted to the restaurants and shopping in La Jolla. However, the most popular La Jolla attractions are usually the beaches. These beaches offer relaxation and beauty for millions of people each year. With all that La Jolla has to offer, it is not surprising that this affluent area is a top destination for homeowners.